Marcelo Higinio

Brand Strategist

Who? Mourão.

I’m Marcelo, aka Mourão.

These are some of the big brands that have been part of my career so far.

From the beginning of my career, that started around the 2000s, I work with Digital Ads. I passed through mIRC, ICQ, MSN, and now WhatsApp. Formally, I studied Advertising, Strategy, and Marketing. But on my journey, I have been getting some curious knowledge such as Front-end and Back-end Programming, Interface Design, Display Banners, Copywriting, User Experience Design, Business Intelligence, Team Management, and even Graphics Processes (a very offline knowledge, at the end of Advertising course).

I dedicated half of my career time to the Strategic and Creative Planning area, even before the hype of account planning of the last few years. It’s a very productive period in my career.

I really believe in planning, but I also believe in the skill to deal with unplanned things. As Creativity, I believe Planning is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, but that 10% make a lot of difference. I believe having a method is important, but making it happen is way more important. Flexibility. And of course, I believe account planning can’t live alone, it’s important that the team believes in the plan, always. Knowing how to connect people is a great virtue of those who propose to work with the planning.

Today, besides to work as a planner and a strategy and intelligence team’s manager, I provide consultancies for teams that need strategic direction in planning for account setup, brand repositioning, and even client’s agency reviews.

If you want to talk to me: +55 11 98263 1163, or @marcelohiginio on social networks.

Let’s see some planning cases

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