10 hours of Gandalf Epic Sax Guy

10 hours of Gandalf Epic Sax Guy

Sometimes, when I am bored, without any job and all readings done, I go to Youtube and search for ’10 hours’ terms. Do you know what is ten-hours videos?

The ten-hours videos are tiny viral videos repeated hundreds or thousands times until complete all the 10 hours in the video. That is, someone that can’t stop seeing Keyboard Cat (it’s old, i know, but it’s just an example), could see 10 hours of non-stop Keyboard Cat! Ok, maybe it could be not a so good idea, but you don’t need to see the whole video. And there is a kind of challenge: how much time you could watch from those 10 hours of Keyboard Cat? Besides that, I don’t know who started this, but the nyancat is a strong candidate to be the first video of this kind.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.19.46 PM

Even without a clear purpose to the audience, there is an interesting thing in the ten-hours videos. When some video goes viral, soon (so much soon) a ten-hours video related is created. Just this simple. The viral that gets large audience is crowned with a very long and repeated video.

Just to make a quick calc, for rendering and exporting 10 hours of a movie in average computer, it would get about less then a sleep time (thanks Bob for this information). Let’s assume that it would get 3 hours, of course this is a big guess and could be more or less. Then the guy makes the upload on YouTube, that shouldn’t be so light. I’ll set 1Gb considering an average quality. The average of Brazil’s internet speed is around 2,9 Mbps. The video would be sent in 1 hour and 8 minutes. The amount of time spent in the whole process would be 4 hours.

Most of us would see just a kidding, but for a lot of people, it is business. Once the content was edited, rendered, exported and its upload has done, it deserves some banners appearing in its exibithion. Generally, before the first three minutes, when most of audience get bored, just thinking how boring would be to watch 10 hours of that.

If a guy breaks the inerce to produce a ten-hours about some issue, so it’s worth to get a look about. Sometimes it’s about the last viral and you still doesn’t know nothing about it.

And, for the record, I get to 50:17 of this video while I was writing this post.

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  1. paulo matozo says:

    Eu sou um apreciador desses loops. Tem um 10h loop de careless whisper que acompanho tem um tempo já. Mas nunca fechei as 10h. Ali por umas 4h30 já me injurio e paro. Só retomo outro dia.

  2. marcelohiginio says:

    Matozo, consegui chegar em 08:56 na primeira tentativa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kas6akz1jWU