If someone is texting while your are presenting, it’s your fault.

If someone is texting while your are presenting, it’s your fault.

It’s polemic, I know. Many will argue that is rude, unprofessional, people are having a lack of interest, and other things. But this guy has something we need to value: the sincerity, even it being hidden.

Many people won’t even touch the smartphone, but they will yawn quietly, give strong blinks, take a note in the paper corner what they have to buy on the market tonight. But if you could get into their minds, you would hear clearly: B O R I N G !


But, why is it your fault? Because your audience is throwing up you silently. Your presentation have reached alarming boring levels and grab their smartphones is an asking for help. To avoid this, the key isn’t get the smartphone out of their hands. It starts in the presentation planning, the creation of the script, the caring about the content, the speech, the design, etc. Do you wanna dance to recover the audience attention? Fine. But what will you do after the show?

Your audience has an expectative and it is fundamental know how to deal with both. But he can just twitting ou taking notes, right? Yes, he can. But we know when someone is really present paying attention. The staring look, the little interactions with your speech almost imperceptible, thinking or surprise expressions. Paying attention to the micro-reactions is indispensable.


So, plan you presentation, take care of your audience, the best way to retribute the attention they are paying for you and the time they are investing is giving a great presentation. And if they yawn, it’s because that party on yesterday, if they take the smartphone, it’s to tweet ‘how awesome is this presentation’.

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