We need ‘Hacking’

We need ‘Hacking’

The intention of Hacking is changing for achieving a goal, even passing through the unworkable, unrealizable or maybe unallowable. Sometimes, facing up the limits is part of Hacking’s nature.

Before continue, please watch this video for this masterpiece appreciation, made by hacking techniques.

This concept’s beauty is in the trying, in the will for solving, in the creative search for achievable. So, the Hacking culture has something to offer us.

Peter Bence shows us in this video above that a little hacking mixed with so much talent can change the way of feeling the music, playing an instrument, practising and, sometimes, even the perceiving the whole world. Playing the piano has a very proper (and traditional) way, right?

Peter Bence breaks the rules

Peter Bence breaks the rules. He plays one of the most expensive pianos in the world, shoeless. He touches his piano’s strings while he plays. He knocks and slaps the piano. Yes, he is shoelessly playing a very popular 80’s hit in a Bösendorfer Grand Imperial, as he slaps the piano.

Is he the first to break the rules? No, he’s not. Is he the best pianist in the world? Probably not. But his purpose is making a tribute to the song called África, using only his piano, some technological resource and mainly his talent.

Talent. This post is about Talent.

Hacking is related to savoir-faire. And for turning this connection even stronger, it needs talent. Some of the world’s most famous hackers were extremely talented: Hermeto Pascoal, Pelé, Johan Cruyff, Steve Jobs, Linus Torvalds, Leonardo Da Vinci, Dick Fosbury.

Dick Fosbury was the first to man to make a high jump from back.

Who is Dick Fosbury? The first guy who made a high jump from the back. What the hell did he think? Know-how, talent and the hacking factor. Nowadays, nobody else jumps head-on. When hacking is accepted and kept due to its fitting.

Not all hacking is forever, nor does hacking ever improve.

Not all hacking improves, but the relevants hackings are incorporated. They are part of the new rules, or at least they influence a new standard. The hacking expands the limits, possibilities. It’s where we can find a closer connection to creativity, innovation, to ‘what if’, to ‘why not’.

Maybe our clients are waiting for some hacking. Maybe our plans are looking for some hacking. Maybe our careers are needing some hacking.


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