Marcelo Higinio

Brand Strategist

Dear Doner London,

I know your time is pretty precious, so I’ve prepared a 99-sec video telling about me and about what I’m looking for. I hope you enjoy and I hope we can talk soon.


If you want to download my Curriculum Vitae/Resume PDF file, please click the button below.

Let’s see a couple planning cases

I’d like to introduce you some cases for showing, in a very practice way, how I could work in your projects and how useful I might be for Doner London’s team. Reading about Doner London’s way of thinking, I want to suggest you two special cases:

Walmart – No plastic bag

Walmart – No plastic bag

Walmart, one of the largest retail groups in the world, has a very active sustainability work in Brazil. When São Paulo banned free plastic bags, Walmart demanded us a project that could tell the public the impact of this fact on the city and the environment.

Entretix – Releasing

Entretix – Releasing

“Launching a new ticket store where the magic of big events starts from the ticket”. Our team had the privilege of planning and executing the complete project, from naming to website development.

If you want to list all cases, please click here to visit the Planning Cases’ page.

Cover Letter – for Doner London


It would be an outstanding opportunity for me to work in a creative, productive and inspiring environment such as Doner London. I truly appreciate Doner London’s culture. It’s great how Creativity and Strategy get together there. I am Brazilian, based in Curitiba. Please notice I am fully available to relocate to London, since I am single, with no children, and eager to start right away.

Throughout my career, I have specialized in Strategic and Creative Planning, having worked for great Brazilian and global brands, such as Walmart, LG, Telefônica, among others. Besides working as account planner and managing an intelligence and strategy team, I also provide consultancy for companies in need of strategic directions for account setup, brand repositioning, as well as agency reviews.

Regarding my formal education, I have majored in Advertising, Strategy and Marketing. During my experience, I have also worked with copywriting, user-experience design, interface design, front-end and back-end, business intelligence, team management, among other areas. Despite Portuguese being my mother language, I can speak fluent English and basic French.

In sum, I am offering a skilled professional who know how to be a team player, consistently give his best, brings fresh insights, and offers original points of view.

Finally, I am quite sure I can be very helpful to Doner London. I am fully available for meeting, in case you would be interested in getting to know more, or clearing up anything. Feel free to contact me by phone, WhatsApp, e-mail, Skype, or @marcelohiginio on social networks.

I appreciate your time and consideration.


Marcelo Higinio