Marcelo Higinio

Brand Strategist

Walmart – No plastic bag

It has been a while since São Paulo flirts with plastic bags banishment. Actually, if every person who lives in Greater São Paulo gets one bag per week, 84 million bags would be distributed in only one month. Probably, a great part of them would end up on Tietê River.

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In 2011, São Paulo banned free plastic bags, it means no bags could be delivered for free at the time of sale. This fact made many local people so angry, people that used to take a lot of plastic bags to carry their purchases home. However, that no-free-plastic-bags lifestyle was already being practiced in several European countries, and the motivation for this banishment was more about sustainability than reducing bag spending.

Walmart, one of the largest retail groups in the world, has a very active sustainability work in Brazil. When faced with this reality, they briefed us a project that could tell the public the impact of this fact on the city and the environment.

Campaign ‘No plastic bag’

As soon as possible, we developed a plan that could show to the people the Plastic Bags’ impact on the environment, with resources explaining Walmart’s positioning, plastic bag flow, and ways to carry products without plastic bags.

Website ‘No plastic bag’

The website was launched less than two weeks after the customer’s request under the domain Besides the website, we had several promotional cards posted on Walmart social networks.

Game ‘Where’s the bag?’

In the website, for engaging children and adults, we developed a game based on the famous ‘Where’s Wally?’, where the goal is to find plastic bags. When collecting the bags found and going to the next level, 5 in total, the city, in the background, gets more and cleaner.

Game page in website
Illustration developed for the game “Where’s the bag?”


The Press Office helped the campaign’s reverberating (in Portuguese):

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