The Boring Valley

The Boring Valley

To bem interesting is so good, but to be interesting all the time is so hard. The strategy to be relevant even at the moment you are being not as interesting as you want, can bring a lot of positive results.

In presentations that I and my team make, I always sketch a graph of expectation x time. I understand that, by the script, the audience is motivated to increase or decrease their expectation in some moments. So, it’s very important to understand the expectation control from speech, content and layout.

This graph shows expectation/time of a default presentation

In this case, the less expectation, the more boring. And the more boring, the less interesting and less chances to reach our presentation’s goals. Right? Not exactly.

As a great planner said once, there is no players analysis more interesting then the crush message in whatsapp. So, it’s natural for the players analysis to be boring, and the efforts to try to become it cool probably won’t be enough and it will be a low expectation large part in the presentation’s timeline.

Knowing that the presentation starts with a high expectation that falls naturally and returns growing in the climax, so we have the Boring Valley.

In movies we see it happening when it’s necessary to explain the protagonist history and motivations, that period of a lot of travels e a lot of people speaking, probably a journey with some discovers. It’s not that exciting, but it is important. There you will receive all you need to understand everything that will appear later. If the movie were only the climax, probably a lot of people wouldn’t understand why that climax is important.

So, the Boring Valley is very important. Of course, the main goal is not to turn the whole presentation tedious, but it’s exactly to let the presentation better and more relevant in a longer time. The information that runs freely in Boring Valley has its role very clear. It’s our duty to keep up its purpose and to give the conditions to enforce its existence.

After all, to be boring and unnecessary it’s already so much.

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