Marcelo Higinio

Brand Strategist

Bradesco Seguros – Xmas Tree

The colossal Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas’ Xmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro was supported by Bradesco Seguros for 20 years. It turned in a very important event and its opening is really expected by local people and tourists.

In 2012, the challenge was to connect the digital environment to Xmas Tree’s experience, creating a great concept and getting better results of reaching and user interactions.

Rio’s Xmas is quite different Xmas from other ones around the world. That’s why we had assumed the responsibility of celebrating every Xmas in the world, following our main concept. Even being different, every Xmas in the world celebrate the joy, the caring, the love, the family, religiously or not.

Bradesco Seguros’ Xmas Tree 2012 campaign

So, we made a campaign where the main focus was on Facebook. We also had other social network profiles and an official hotsite. During the campaign, we had created a Xmas postcard with templates of Xmas of the World. The user could put his face in a place in the photo. Besides that, we made a video series on Youtube telling about the whole Xmas Tree’s construction process and we also made posts telling about a lot of curiosities about Xmas of the World.

Xmas Tree’s hotsite
Cultural competition
Xmas Tree’s e-mail marketing
Xmas Tree’s exclusive app

In the end, we got ahead of the previous expectation about reaching, delivering a great positive brand remembering. We reached people in very far places in Brazil. The Xmas Tree’s campaign had never achieved results like that before: shares, likes, comments, tweets, hotsite visits and views. Actually, even being the very first year of live broadcasting in main Brazil’s open TV channel, we just duplicated the number of hotsite streaming views, related to the previous year.