The dissonant voice

The dissonant voice

Of course, it’s easier to deal with who agrees with you, consonance. But, what if they don’t agree with you, what to do? There is who just throw out them, there is who pretends to listen them, but the dissonance has some secrets that, in some cases, are more valuable than any consonance.

Before anything, it’s important to establish: it’s not because it’s consonant that something is also correct. Consonance is harmony, so there is a possibility that a consonant group could be completely and harmonically wrong. Ok? So, a dissonance, in cases like that, can be a whisper of doubt in the blindly sure in that wrong way.

I bring two cases to this post, for analyzing how powerful can be the dissonant voice

Case 1 – Discording in review

A long time ago, I was working in a pitch for a very important agency review. The plan was ready to go. It was presented inside the agency and it got a lot of compliments that made the pitch able to be presented to the client’s board. More than that, it was considered one of the best pitches ever made by that agency.

Later, I was getting some coffee when I met a creative department member. A very non-important little talk in coffee place became a voice dissonant expression. I couldn’t believe that. Instead to be gross, I started to listen what that dissonant voice had to say. Surprisingly, it was very interesting.

So, I bought the idea to change the pitch. Actually, I had to extend my working time in that project and I had to call a new meeting for approving the new pitch. Did I worked more? Yes, I did. But it was a change that made possible to that plan get a better way. And it was a point of view from someone who could just keep quiet or could just be silenced by me, because I had a possibility to act like someone in a superior level, once that the first pitch had a very epic approvement.

In the end, we won the account. Maybe we could win even without all that extra work, but the pitch got more confidence, from all the people involved. And it worths a lot.

Case 2 – A dissonant information

We had a very important plan to deliver, time was short and the expectation was huge. In a short period of studying the scenario, we discovered an incontestable strategic way for that brand repositioning. There was no doubt, it was our eureka.

We could finish at that point, but the job needs to be done well, and we kept working to validate that great strategic way. That’s where the dissonant voice appears. The team discovered an information that could break our wonderful strategic way. We could have hidden that dissonant information or we could have told that information didn’t matter. But it did matter, it was relevant.

So, we had a meeting and we decided, even being an awesome finding, we needed to change that strategy. In these cases, there is always a frustration, but we found a way even stronger, consistent e certainly even reliable than before.

Then we presented the strategy and received a lot of compliments and an unanimous approval to keep foward to the next steps.

The dissonance is something cultural. That is, what is dissonance for some musical style, can be harmony for another. So, dissonance is real for who realizes the dissonance.

Maybe, instead talking about consonance or dissonance, we could be worried about the resonance. Maybe different accords, a different percussion, some challenging musical notes, bring up a new way to see this.

But if you don’t like dissonance and want to discard it, it’s your decision.

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